printable school and art supply labels
School Supply Organizing Labels

School Supply Organizing Labels

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Make keeping the school supplies in your home cleaned up and organized with these fabulous printable organizing labels!

There are 17 unique school supply labels to organize everything! Gather up all of the school supplies, stow them in your bin of choice, then attach these cute labels for the most organized stash ever!

Perfect for pre-readers, these labels come with a picture of the item and the name to make clean up happen even faster!


Each label is about 3.65 x 2.15" in dimension.

What's Included

The 17 printable art and school supply organizer labels include every category you'll need:

1. Art Supplies
2. Colored Pencils
3. Coloring Books
4. Construction Paper
5. Crafts
6. Crayons
7. Drawing Paper
8. Markers
9. Paint
10. Paper
11. Pencils
12. Pens
13. Play Dough
14. School Supplies
15. Stamps
16. Stencils
17. Stickers

Don't see what you need? Contact me about creating custom labels!

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>>> 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use These Fabulous Organizing Labels <<<

Idea #1 Print onto sticker paper and adhere right to the storage bin.

Idea #2 Print onto card stock or regular paper, slide into a plastic pocket, and adhere to the storage bin with sticky back velcro.

Idea #3 Print onto regular paper and adhere to the storage bin with clear packing tape.

Idea #4 Print, trim to size and use the self laminating luggage tags, then loop through handle of storage basket.

Idea #5 Print on regular paper, trim to size and mount on card stock paper sized a bit larger than the label. Punch a hole at the top, add ribbon and loop onto basket handle.

Why You’ll Love It

This printable label set comes packed with thoughtful details such as:
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Generously sized headings
  • Clean faced fonts

Each of these features ensures that not only will you love using these playroom organizing labels right from the start, but that they'll look great for years to come!

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