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Professional Organizer Business Forms and Template Tool Kit

Professional Organizer Business Forms and Template Tool Kit

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Putting the "Professional" into Organizer has never been easier.

Starting a new business is hard, but this kit of business documents designed especially for Professional Organizers lets you skip past the busy work with perfectly worded template, ready for your branding and personalization. 

12 forms / templates Included in the fabulous tool kit in all, including:

5 printable PDFs forms:

  • Client Intake - There's a place for all of the crucial information you need to make note of during your initial contact with a potential client.

  • Client Consultation - This two page form guides you through the assessment and consultation process, with prompts of questions to ask, issues to address and future steps.

  • Measurement Form - Make note of the dimensions and other specifics of spaces. Crucial for designing storage solutions for closets and rooms and offers a good basis for product upset potential.

  • Shopping Wishlist - You'll increase revenue when you offer this additional service to your organizing clients. This form makes offering that service so easy!

  • Mileage Record - Be ready for tax time with this fundamental form!

Plus 7 Fully Customizable and Editable Documents in Word and Pages:

  • Single Page Working Agreement (Contract) and 2 to a page Working Agreement - Cover yourself legally with an agreement of the essential terms of your service offering with this agreement. Don't intimidate your clients with a complicated contract- use this form instead!

  • Client Homework Sheet - Clients who make progress in between your organizing sessions will be happier! This form is a handy reminder for what tasks clients should complete before your next work session. My clients like to hang it on their fridge!

  • Client Invoice - Make it easy to get paid with this invoice template.

  • Photo Release - Formatted to two to a page to save on paper and designed for you to leave a signed copy with your client and keep a copy for your records.

  • Company Policies - A comprehensive list of all policies to cover situations that might come up. Perfect for emailing to new clients before their first organizing session.

  • Statement of Work (Proposal) - Be prepared with this 3 page comprehensive document to give proposals to business clients for organizing jobs in commercial settings.

Refunds are not offered due to the digital nature of this item, so please reach out with questions before purchase.

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