digital computer organizing course with video lessons and printable guide
computer organizing self paced course with printable worksheets
Clean Up Your Computer Organizing Course

Clean Up Your Computer Organizing Course

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Is your computer a disorganized mess?

Put an end to that with this self-paced 7 day computer organization course that breaks down the organizing process into easy daily actions.

This is the organization guide you've been looking for to finally get your computer cleaned up and organized!

This course covers the fundamentals of having an organized computer, in a step-by-step approach, with super clear strategies that are easy to implement.

After Day 7 you will have a *completely* organized computer and you'll be able to find what you need faster than ever before!

What's Included

This digital organization course is organized into seven daily written and video lessons that covers organizing your entire computer:

Lesson 1: Desktop, Dock & Downloads

Lesson 2: Files & Folders

Lesson 3: Apps & Flash Drives

Lesson 4: Media

Lesson 5: Email

Lesson 6: Bookmarks, Cache, Viruses, Malware & Spyware

Lesson 7: Password Management, Maintenance & Backing Up

Worksheets and Guides:

Digital File Decision Maker - Guides you through the process of deciding whether or not you need the digital file Detailed maintenance schedule - Includes what needs to be done and when to keep your computer from ever becoming a hot mess again!

Computer Organization Progress Checklist - Keep tabs on where you are in the process of getting your computer organized 7 video lessons are also included for even more clarity and reinforcement of the strategies and methods outlined in the course guide.

Why You'll Love This Course

  • Lessons are delivered in a clear, approachable, non-overwhelming way.
  • Each step is broken down so it's super clear what action to take.
  • Written and video lessons included for all types of learners. Beautifully designed course materials.
  • Course is self paced, so you can work on the lessons when your schedule permits.
  • Tips for shortcuts including apps and programs that will shortcut the process to make organizing your computer even easier!  

Who Should Take This Course

Struggling to get your computer organized and overwhelmed by the thought of even starting?  

Written and designed by a professional organizer who has helped dozens of clients get their home and lives organized!

Need the guidance of a professional organizer, but looking for a less expensive option than working with an expert in person?

This course is what you've been looking for!

Please Note

Nothing will be mailed to you this is a digital download.

Ensure your computer is capable of reading PDFs before purchasing.

Refunds are not offered, so please reach out with questions before purchasing this item.