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Clean Up Your Computer Organizing Course

Clean Up Your Computer Organizing Course

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Put an end to a disorganized computer with this self-paced 7 day step by step computer organization video and workbook based course that breaks the organizing process down into easy daily actions.

Lesson 1: Desktop, Dock & Downloads

Lesson 2: Files & Folders

Lesson 3: Apps & Flash Drives

Lesson 4: Media

Lesson 5: Email

Lesson 6: Bookmarks, Cache, Viruses, Malware & Spyware

Lesson 7: Password Management, Maintenance & Backing Up

Digital File Decision Maker - Guides you through the process of deciding whether or not you need the digital file

Maintenance Schedule - Realistic schedule of simple tasks to do to prevent your computer from ever becoming a hot mess again!
  • Lessons are delivered in a clear, approachable, non-overwhelming way.
  • Each step is broken down so it's super clear what action to take.
  • Written and video lessons included for all types of learners. 

Nothing will be mailed to you this is a digital download.

Refunds are not offered for digital resources, so please reach out with questions before purchasing this item.

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