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Organize Me Now

Organize Me Now

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Ready to get organized, like right now?  

This program is designed to replicate the in-person organizing experience you'll get with Christina, only you complete it at your own pace and at the time that works best for you!
  • 15 Videos covering the fundamentals of organizing, decluttering and optimizing your space
  • 11 guides diving deep into different spaces in your home
  • Worksheets for figuring out where to begin, setting goals and envisioning your organized space.
  • A supply list so you'll have everything right on hand to make the task go faster.
  • The genius Stay or Go Decision Maker that helps you decide whether or not to keep something.
  • Clutter Excuse Debunker - pinpoints where so many people get stuck and give up!
  • Mistakes to Avoid and Organizing Secrets to make the process go faster.
  • Organizing tips galore plus worksheets to help you optimize your space to take it to the next level of functionality!

Fantastic bonuses!

  • Over 300 Labels to keep every space organized
  • Decluttering cards to speed the entire process
  • Clutter Exit Plan to make decluttering even easier and more simple
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