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Kids Hand Me Down Clothing Storage and Inventory Organizing Kit

Kids Hand Me Down Clothing Storage and Inventory Organizing Kit

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Are your children's hand-me-downs getting out of control?  

This is the printable kit you need to get all of that totally under control and organized in a super simple way.

Imagine having having your kids' closets clean and organized, free from too-small clothes!

Next, picture having neatly stacked bins of labeled clothing, ready and waiting for when they are needed by your younger child!

Now, imagine having a list of all of the clothes you already have on hand in an organized inventory!

You'll know exactly what you have in each size, making it so simple to buy only what is truly needed.

This printable set makes all of those things not only possible, but quick and easy to set up!

This kit instantly provides a system for thoroughly organizing the outgrown clothes in an easy and simple way.

List, bin, and label it, baby!

Now matter what you call it, organizing printable, clothing organizer kit, inventory printable or closet organizer, it's quite simply the perfect solution you've been looking for!

What's Included

This PDF kit is 60 wonderful pages: 8.5 x 11" sheet signs, labels (6 to a sheet) and inventories!

Use in addition to baby closet dividers for an absolutely dreamily organized closet!

The kid organization kit includes:

1. Signs for clothing from size 0-3 months to size 18, plus a sheet of blank labels for further customization in two different patterns, blue/green chevron and a bubbly pink dots.

2. Labels for clothing size 0-3 months to size 18 (print on label paper, run through a sticker maker or use clear packing tape to attach them to the storage bin!)

The labels are big and bright, making them visible in dark attics or storage spaces. The labels come in the same patterns as the full sheet signs and include a sheet of blank labels.

3. Clothing inventory sheets that allow for tracking by size AND season AND child.

Know exactly what you have!

Make it easy to see what you need to buy at a glance.

Three versions of the inventory are included: a blank inventory and a pre-filled inventory for girls and one for boys as well.

Why You’ll Love It

This printable kit comes packed with thoughtful details such as:

  •    Clean, minimalist design
  •    Generously sized headings
  •    Clean faced fonts
  •    Roomy writing space

Each of these features ensures that not only will you love using this printable organizing kit right from the start, but it will look great for years to come! 

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