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Perfectly Prepared Emergency Planner and Organizer

Perfectly Prepared Emergency Planner and Organizer

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Get your household organized in case of an emergency with this comprehensive emergency planner and organizing printable!

Plus it is fillable so you can type in your information, print and have it on hand for future updates!

This guided workbook is a fantastic addition to any home management binder!

It has a checklist of the most crucial documents you need to safeguard and have on hand in case of an emergency.

Plus this fillable printable emergency plan prompts you for all of the information you'll need when an emergency strikes.

Perfect for all households *especially for parents or elderly relatives you care for* 

What's Included

This 67 page workbook organizes all of the necessary information in the time of a crisis for all household members (Personal, Spouse, Children, Household Members and Pets:
1. Medical
2. Employment
3. Education
4. Professional Advisors
5. Financial Accounts
6. Critical documents to have on hand
7. Instructions

With this ultimate emergency preparedness workbook, when the unexpected happens, you will have the essential information at your fingertips! Add these printable planner pages to your emergency supplies to be fully prepared and ready for anything. Note that this printable is fillable, but not editable.

Why You’ll Love It

This printable kit comes packed with thoughtful details such as:

  •    Perfect formatting for double sided printing
  •    Ample margins for hole punching
  •    Clean, minimalist design
  •    Timeless Tiffany Blue color scheme
  •    Generously sized headings
  •    Clean faced fonts
  •    Roomy writing space

Each of these features ensures that not only will you love using this printable financial planner right from the start, but it will look great for years to come! 

Please Note

Nothing will be mailed to you this is a digital download.

Ensure your computer is capable of unzipping compressed ZIP files as well as reading PDFs before purchasing.

Refunds are not offered, so please reach out with questions before purchasing this item.