printable easter egg fillers
Bunny Bucks Easter Egg Fillers

Bunny Bucks Easter Egg Fillers

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Tired of filling your children's plastic Easter eggs with candy or plastic crap? Why not give them something that would be enjoyed much more?

These printable Bunny Bucks Easter Egg fillers are the perfect treat!

Your children can buy what they really want and you are saved from having to make sure the dog find them before your kids do. (I may or may not be talking from real life experience, here!)

Simply print the desired denominations, roll up and put inside the eggs!

It's the ultimate allergy free and allergy friendly Easter present!

What's Included

The Bunny Bucks with a sheet of both $1 and $5 denominations.


This printable is designed to be printed on two sheets of 81/2x11 sheet of paper.


Why You'll Love It

Super cute gift idea

Use year after year

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