Business Organizing & Coaching Package

Business Organizing & Coaching Package

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Four hours of consulting in 3 sessions to get your business organized.  Control your paper clutter.  Optimize your office space.  Establish a solid foundation for your business.  

This package is perfect for the business owner who:

  • has too much paper and doesn't know how to dig out
  • doesn't know how to distinguish between what’s important to keep & what to let go of
  • doesn't know how to properly store & safeguard important documents
  • has a cluttered & inefficient office
  • wants their business to succeed
This package is available for both in-person (Greater Cleveland, Ohio area only) and virtual consulting.

When you purchase this package, here's exactly what you'll get:

Session One: We'll identify your organizing challenges and develop a plan to address these challenges with a clear step-by-step path to success in this hour-long session.   You'll also get a plan to follow in-between sessions with easy-to-implement strategies.

Session Two: In this two hour session, we'll continue to work together implementing the plan to get your business organized for 2 hours.  Again, you'll get customized homework with a clear and step-by-step path to follow.

Session Three: We'll review your progress, assess what's working and what's not working as well as develop a plan for long term organization and function for you and your business.  The hour long session is designed to ensure you have a solid foundation for success going forward. Total time for all sessions is 4 hours. And just like that you'll be able to get your business organized in a way that will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you've created the exact foundational base your business needs in order to succeed!